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About Us


Global EduHub is a professional education services provider managing a network of 14 brands and over 30 premium schools across Singapore, Australia and China. Our core programs are targeted at children aged 2 months to 12 years, ranging from infant care, childcare and preschool, to student care and after-school enrichment. 

We strongly believe in making a positive impact to the lives of children during their important formative years. We provide a unique and proven blend of conducive learning spaces, nurturing teachers and quality curriculum to spark children's interest in discovery and learning, through the building of fundamentals in knowledge gathering, character building and applicable thinking skills.

Our purpose is not just to prepare each child for formal education, but for a lifetime ahead.


our vision

Making Today a Strong Foundation for the Future.

our promise

Through Global EduHub’s group of best-in-class educational brands, we can shape every child’s future today.

our mission

We ensure that every child receives the best education. Our commitment to our employees, partners and students is the delivery of the highest standards of education. We do this by providing services that are best suited to their goals and requirements.

Our Organisational Structure